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At Information Security Today, we always want to give authentic information and articles. So, we help you mitigate the risks and threats.

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What is Information Security?

Information security is also known as InfoSec. It protects your printed and digital information.

Besides, it is a part of the whole information risk management. It helps you prevent risks and threats, such as:

  • illegal access to data
  • disclosure of data to public
  • modification of data without permission
  • security breaches and incidents

Moreover, good information security helps you secure your systems. Thus, you can give good service to your clients.

Main Principles of Information Security

Additionally, information security obeys the CIA triad.

  • Confidentiality. It means keeping your data in secret. So, you should control who can access your data.
  • Integrity. It involves keeping your data consistent and accurate. Thus, your clients can always trust you.
  • Availability. It includes your system’s functionality. Hence, authorized users can access your data whenever they want to.

By successfully following the three main principles, you can lessen the risks. It also helps you identify your security gaps.

Information Security Risk Management

Nowadays, risk management in infosec is so important. We need to protect our information from cybercriminals. If not, it will cause damage.

Cybercriminals can steal that information and sell them. Also, it will result in a loss of income in companies.

More so, it can cause delays in its operations. Worse, it can ruin its reputation and result in lawsuits.

Thus, information security risk management or ISRM is critical.

There are six steps to build your ISRM.

  1. Identify. You must first identify what you need to protect to give protection. It includes information like names, accounts, and secrets. So, you can analyze the data risk.
  2. Protect. After identifying, you need to manage it. You can apply security controls. Also, you can provide training to your staff.
  3. Apply. Here, we adopt data controls and policies. It will then help you detect threats. You can also install tools.
  4. Control. After applying your assets, check and evaluate them. Adding and updating your tools is critical, too.
  5. Assign. After you review your controls, ensure that you have the right people who manage it. Then, you can do actions that lessen data loss.
  6. Monitor. The five steps are important. But, without monitoring they are nothing. In this stage, you make sure that you review your plan regularly. Thus, you can fight risks asap.