confidentiality in information security

Confidentiality In Information Security

What is confidentiality in information security? Are there any threats to keep confidentiality? If yes, what are they? What can we do to protect confidentiality? 

Confidentiality is equal to privacy. Also, it protects private information from reaching the wrong people. So, it makes sure that only authorized people can access private information. 

Of course, no one wants to experience a data breach. Thus, it is important to have document security to prevent it. Also, it is important to build security controls for private files. 

Importance of Confidentiality in Information Security

Nowadays, companies keep so much private information about many people. They keep information like bank details, personal care issues, credit card numbers, legal records, and many more. 

What will happen in failure confidentiality? It will definitely cause serious harm to a person or a company. Also, this will damage the reputation and trust. 

Common Threats To Confidentiality In Information Security

Breach of information is common nowadays. Criminals use many ways to threaten confidentiality. These are the following: 

  • Eavesdropping attacks – The criminal gets private information in network communications. Thus, they steal it over a network by a computer, smartphones, or other connected devices. 
  • Encryption cracking – It is the breaking of system encryptions by using specialized software. It often happens during weak connections. 
  • Malicious insiders – It is an attack done by a trusted insider. Moreover, that insider steals and misuses private information. Further, these are attacks on a former employee, an organization, a client, a business partner, and so on. 
  • Man-in-the-middle attacks – This attack is getting access within the communication. Moreover, the victims involved are not aware of the manipulation. Thus, it can cause serious danger to the owner of the information.

How To Keep Your Data Confidential 

Confidentiality covers access controls and measures that protect your information. It protects information from getting misused by any illegal access. The best way to keep confidentiality and prevent a data breach is to perform safeguards

  • Use data encryption – It changes data or codes into a different form. Also, only allowed people can read the unknown key or password. 
  • Use passwords – The passwords are some made-up characters. It combines letters, numbers, and symbols. Also, it stops illegal users from stealing private information. 
  • Use two-factor authentication – It is an added layer of security that blocks someone from logging in to your account. Also, it will send codes to the user who tries to log in. And, it asks to confirm the character using the random 6-digit code. 
  • Use biometric verification – It registers the biological traits of the authorized user. It uses identifiers before someone could access a piece of information. These identifiers are fingerprints, hand or earlobe geometry, retina, iris patterns, voice waves, DNA, and signatures. 


Nowadays, there are many security problems in the media. Usually, it includes major failures of confidentiality. 

We live in a world that is not safe anymore. Thus, we need to protect every information about ourselves and our company. Above all, it needs proper confidentiality. 

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