Cybersecurity Month 2018

Cybersecurity Month 2018

Know about the cybersecurity month of 2018. Also, know the following weekly themes that is very helpful to us.

Introduction About Cybersecurity Month 2018

Cybersecurity month 2018 has a highlights theme about shared responsibility. Its focus also on online safety and security.

So with the help of the NCSA, the following tips are created. It is the theme to strengthen individuals and national cybersecurity.

Here is the list of themes for the following weeks:

Week One: Haven Online Safety

So our home should be the first in our haven or safety place when it comes to everything. Moreover, our daily activities in the house are more engageable on the internet.

Such as using the internet in the following activities,

  • social media, well most of the household members have a social media
  • shopping online for the latest trending items
  • adjusting the home thermostat

Therefore, it is necessary that the home should be the safest place. Also, teaching children how to safely and responsibly use the internet. 

So here are the following tips.

  • Protect your online accounts and enable the strongest authentication tools. Such as the two-factor authentication and biometrics
  • Keep all the devices in place. Starting from smartphones, computers, and make sure to update all software.
  • Think before you share. Much better to think first, before personal details about yourself. Scammers and identity theft are prone to social media.

Week Two: Educate In Cybersecurity

Technologies are growing fast. However, our cybersecurity experts are limited.

So for students, they are encouraged to be personally equipped also in cybersecurity. Therefore, here are the following tips for young ones.

  • Achieve to be credentialed – better to have a college degree. Because 9 out of 10 needs one.
  • Get involved – you can start by volunteering works and internships. Extends your arms in helping professionals at the workplace or schools to gain more experience.
  • Keep updated through social media – you can gain knowledge in vloggers or social influencers that experts in these fields

Week Three: Ensuring Online Safety Work

So while working, you have the responsibility to ensure the safety of your job and premises. Here are the following tips:

  • learn to protect the following assets you have in hand
  • determine if ever something or problem occurs
  • have knowledge of your business grounds
  • have a response plan to quickly reacts if problem occurs, this way you can minimize the impacts
  • learn how to implement the plan properly
  • have knowlege in all resources
  • lastly, have knowledge recovering after the breaches event

Week Four: Safeguard Nation’s Foundation

Our daily routines is covered by the foundation sectors. That include the following:

  • Water
  • Foods
  • Financial services
  • Governement Services
  • Public health
  • Transportations,
  • Power
  • Also, communications

So any disruptions happen could lead to catastrophic consequences.

Therefore, as public or citizen we can also contribute to avoid this things to happen. So we should practice to be extra careful to everything we do in the internet.

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