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Cybersecurity News Sites To Keep You Updated In 2021

Are you trying to keep track of the latest cybersecurity news? If so, which news sites on the web can help you keep track of? 

In this article, we will be listing the top cybersecurity news sites that you can resource from.

Cybersecurity News Sites In 2021

Here is a list of the top cybersecurity news sites that you can watch for in 2021.

Infosecurity Magazine


This site discusses topics about encryption, big data, cybercrime, and everything relevant. Moreover, the site publishes weekly podcasts.

Cyber Defense Magazine


When it comes to prominent writing articles about cybersecurity, the cyber defense magazine is for you. This site houses the most prominent writers in the field.

Cybersecurity insights and updates from this site aim to help its readers stay aware. Malware, data breaches, and such, for instance.

Security Week


Another hub for cybersecurity resources is security week. It also houses a team of IT security professionals and experts. Thus, making this site a valuable resource for the latest updates in cybersecurity.

The Hacker News


The Hacker News is another gem in finding the latest cybersecurity updates. In fact, The Hacker News is one of the most trusted and famous choices on the list. In line with this, the site even received national recognition. Not to mention including a number of awards. Thus, speaks of how notable this site is. 

Cyber Security Magazine


For consumers, the cyber security magazine should not miss the list. This site centers on providing nothing but the latest news updates in cybersecurity. Also providing informative articles about the field, for instance. 

E-Hacking News


The E-Hacking News site is a website for everyone. This site regularly provides tips and best cyberhealth hygiene practices, for instance. 

The site provides informative articles about malware, mobile security, and data breach, to name a few. So if you are an individual user, or is belonging to a team, this site is for you in keeping cyber safe.

We Live Security


Another goldmine for cybersecurity updates is the We Live Security. This site features the freshest news about privacy, scam alerts, and cybersecurity, for instance. Thus, giving your team a healthy dose of visits to the site will help.

Comodo News


Another top-notcher on the list is Comodo News. What makes this site valuable is it gets rid of the complexity of cybersecurity in its writing. 

For example, it simplifies cybersecurity as much as possible to its readers. So if you are just beginning the field, the Comodo News is a great resource spot for you.

Why Is It Important To Keep Updated?

In this digital era, the more comforts we gain from technology, the more risks we face in between. Not to mention it can cost our business’ reputation and our very financial losses.

These consequences can be prevented if only we keep ourselves and our teams updated.

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