cybersecurity terms

Cybersecurity Terms

Do you use a network? But are you close to cybersecurity? If not, there are many cybersecurity terms you want to know. Why?

Today, there are a lot of cybersecurity threats showing around. And a hacker’s favorite spot? More limited tech-savvy internet users. You do not want to be that, correct?

So, read on to understand some of the most related cybersecurity terms to identify.

Cybersecurity Terms You Need to Know


Phishing is a hacker’s ideal way of tackling those more limited tech-savvy people. For one, they may use an email that will look legit and comes from your assigned bank or even your business.

Then, it will ask you to enter your fine features or to download infected data. Once you do this, they can now have a way to your new and private data. Like keys, bank items, and more.


Malware is an all-in term for all sorts of wicked software. Some of these are:

  • viruses
  • adware
  • trojans
  • worms
  • ransomware
  • and more


Well, you may have learned of firewalls now. If not, then it is a technology to have the bad people out.

Most of the time, it is software-based. But there is more a hardware-based firewall.

Data Breach

Yikes. Many firms avoid being a mark of a data breach. What is this? Hackers look for a vulnerability within your network or plan.

Then, it will use it to get way to its data and network. Once it happens, it usually creates a huge cost to a business. And of course, a data crime will get them a lot.


You may have learned this term before being worked in cybersecurity. It only means the value of a wicked statement or book to take help of a computer’s soft place.

Virtual Private Network

Today, many firms are now working on VPNs thanks to the need to run from the house. What is a VPN?

It is a tool that lets users surf the internet anonymously. Thus, hiding your situation and encrypting business once used.


What is a field? These are a collection of machines, printers, and devices that are interconnected. They are then directed as a body.

One good part is your business computer. It is normally part of your workplace’s area.


These are details that put a computer what to do. Or gives it a collection of tasks. Then, the directions are pushed into something that a user will need to place and then use.

In other terms? Yep. It is your Microsoft Word, Zoom, Spotify, and likewise. 


Nope, not the ones in the air. The film is a technology that lets us save and enter our data via the internet. And this is not only restricted to files but also helps.

In technical words, it means a lot of machines with a large area. Then, it can serve calls remotely. Thus, saving users the need to have their own set of large areas.

To Conclude

So, these are some of the most popular cybersecurity terms to know of. Are there other terms you know?

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