cybersecurity vs computer science

Cybersecurity VS Computer Science

You may admire what is the difference between cybersecurity vs computer science. Well, these two are key tech work ways.

No wonder you may want to understand which is the best way to take it. So, this study will point to help you.

So, keep on reading.

What is Computer Science?

For one, computer science is a wide range. It houses many networks and computing thoughts. It includes:

  • technology review
  • management
  • protection
  • video game community
  • and more

So, you can tell that cybersecurity is its subset. As a result, studying computer science means having essential data about:

  • IT hardware and software
  • programming and study
  • networks and safety
  • and more

Also, taking this job path unlocks many doors. You can be a:

  • systems analyst
  • engineer
  • developer
  • administrator

What is Cybersecurity?

As said, cybersecurity is a subset of computer science. But it now has its area of study and development plans. Besides, it centers on managing data and all digital assets from warnings all over the internet.

Further, it covers areas like:

  • programming
  • cyberthreats
  • malware and intruder exposure
  • risk review and relief
  • incident response

So, if you want to take it this form, you can be a:

  • cybersecurity director
  • ethical hacker
  • intelligence investigator
  • counterterrorism

Cybersecurity VS Computer Science


What are some of the courses you can get with each one? Let us take a peek. See below.


  • Cyber Policy, Law, and Privacy Compliance. It will help you read about rights. Then, know how to create a company’s safety while living by these.
  • Database Design and Security. Cases database form. Then, it will show to spot defects. Ones that will lead to breaches. After, you will know how to reach said defects.
  • Cryptography. It informs you about its algorithms, authentication, and public signs. Also, it will show you how to safely give data.
  • Network Security. It covers a strong network plan. As well as protocols and privacy. You will learn about the way of charge in the system.

Computer Science

  • Intro to Computer Systems. It covers systems of engineering. May it be computer hardware or software. Subjects include virtual memory and threading, and file operations.
  • Data Constructions and Algorithms. It teaches you its theory and fitness. Then, how to solve computing difficulties.
  • Software Engineering. It helps you plan and test software systems, and path trials, and more.
  • Data Analysis. It covers issues like system examination. As well as modeling and more.

Ready to take one? Or not yet? Then, let us see any added data. There are still other variations. What are these ideas?

Job Path

What career way can you take? Let us see examples for each one. Of course, let us see possible wages. Exciting, right?


  • Information Security Analyst. Salary limit of $57,810 to $158,860 per year.
  • Computer Systems Analyst. Annual wages of $90,920 to over $147,670.
  • Computer Network Architect. A yearly wage of $64,770 to over $168,390.

Computer Science

  • Database Admin. $51,800 to up $148,060 pay per year.
  • Software Developer. Salary limit of $61,660 to over $161,290 a year.
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