cybersecurity vs information security

Cybersecurity vs Information Security

“Cybersecurity vs information security. Is there a difference?” Not only is this a big question. But also it is something we have heard a few times before. 

Cybersecurity vs information security is almost linked. That they are usually thought of as synonymous. Yet, there are few major contrasts between the two.

We will explain those differences in this article. Also, we will also review a couple of important areas. We will explain why this differentiation matters in the security sector.

Read on to learn more.

What is Information Security?

Information security is another way of saying “data security.” 

Most business data lives electronically on servers, laptops, or somewhere over the internet.

Info security’s concern is making sure data in any form is safe. 

But it is a bit broader than cybersecurity. So, someone could be an information security expert. Without being a cybersecurity expert.

What is Cybersecurity?

It is about protecting data found in electronic form. That also includes computers, servers, networks, mobile devices. It is also way of protecting compromised or attacked data.

Below are the parts of protecting the data:

  • identifying what the critical data is
  • where it resides
  • its risk exposure
  • the technology you have to achieve

Overlap of Cybersecurity and Information Security

Physical Security Component

As more data becomes digital. The means to also protect that data needs more advanced IT security tools. 

So, while you can’t put a physical lock on a computer. You can also put a lock on your server room door. 

In other words, if your data is stored digitally. You need to be sure you have the right controls. To stop illegal individuals from getting access.

They Take the Value of the Data Into Consideration

In information security, the main goal is to protect the data of the company. Specifically from unauthorized access of any sort.

But, in cybersecurity. The main goal is to protect the company’s data. From unauthorized electronic access. 

But in both cases, the value of the data is of the ultimate importance. 

Both individuals need to know what data is most critical to the business. So they will know where to place cyber risk management. And they can have monitoring controls on that data. 

Sometimes, an information security professional would help a cybersecurity professional rank data security.

And then the cybersecurity professional would decide the best course of action for data protection.

Cybersecurity vs Information Security

Most companies do not have information security professionals. So the tasks of a cybersecurity professional have grown. 

Cybersecurity professionals know the technology, firewalls, and intrusion protection. But they are not brought up in the data evaluation business.

But today, that is changing. 

In Summary

Business partners and investors are now aware of the value of this topic. Companies are also asked regularly about this. The effectiveness in protecting the data. And also managing cyber risk.

Now, it is easy to understand why many people discuss cybersecurity and information security.

The questions that information security and cybersecurity try to answer are the same.

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