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FREE Online Resources For Any Information Security Job

How can you get started landing an information security job? Perhaps these free online resources can help you kickstart your journey.

FREE Online Resources About Information Security

Do you know that you can avail yourself of free learning resources about information security online?

If so, what benefit are these to you?

If you are someone thinking of landing a career in information security, then this article is for you.

Why Take These Free Online Resources?

Learn the basics. This can help you test the waters, so to speak. So before you invest in formal education, this free education can help you learn the basics of the matter. Not to mention how this can help you get the best out of any entry-level job in cybersecurity.

Adapt with changes. In addition, the field of information security is rapidly changing. One reason for this is the changing levels and frequencies of attacks. So you can only expect that what you learn in a formal classroom may have updates from time to time. 

Moreover, taking these free online learning resources can help you adapt to what’s new. Thus, can also boost your credentials in the application process. Because being open to learning shows your desire to promote yourself to bigger job opportunities.

FREE Online Learning Resources For Information Security Jobs

Here, we will be outlining free cybersecurity jobs resources. For example, below you will see four online training platforms that help shape cybersecurity professionals.

Cybrary is a workforce training program dedicated to cybersecurity.

For instance, the platform offers up to dozens of training modules. These modules cover different topics about cybersecurity.

Moreover, some of these courses are for free. So you can freely resource from these, for instance. On the other hand, some of their more advanced courses are for subscription. 

For example, here are some of the topics that you will learn in the platform:

  • What is a malware?
  • How can you prepare yourself for cybersecurity certification?

Another online learning resource is Coursera, for instance, offers digital courses to the public. Not to mention that its courses come from more than 200 of global leading universities.

What can you learn from

Coursera can help you learn from a single topic course. Also it offers certifications, degrees, and micro-master’s tracks.

Moreover, the platform can help you find your first information security job. For example, it has a course that discusses the whole cybersecurity job interview process. Namely, the process derives from the University of Georgia. 

Thus, making this platform a one-stop resource for anyone who’s equipping himself for a cybersecurity career.

Another high-quality yet free online resource is Khan Academy. Khan Academy is another worldwide digital learning platform. Topics concerning specific cybersecurity areas, for instance.

It covers intro-level contents to advanced topics about cybersecurity.

Lastly, you can check out the Open Security Training. This is another free online platform for cybersecurity and information security.

The platform offers in-depth videos and articles, for instance. Also, they present these topics in the form of training for specific skills. Since it’s free, cybersecurity education can be acquired by anybody interested.

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