how many cybersecurity vendors are there

How Many Cybersecurity Vendors Are There

How many cybersecurity vendors are there? If you are interested in this study, do not hesitate to read this. You can get more information from this article.

How Many Cybersecurity Vendors Are There?

The number of cybersecurity vendors available in the market is constantly increasing, with many new entrants into the industry. In the United States alone, there are over 500 vendors in the cybersecurity industry.

There are many vendors in the cybersecurity industry and some of them are:

  • Cisco,
  • McAfee,
  • Symantec,
  • Dell,
  • IBM,
  • Microsoft, and
  • Symantec.

These companies offer solutions for a wide range of solutions for cybersecurity, ranging from anti-virus software to security information and event management (SIEM) tools. 

If you want to know more about these company’s products, you can go online to their official websites to read more about them. 

Cybersecurity Market

The cybersecurity market is also growing rapidly. According to a recent report from MarketsandMarkets, the cybersecurity market is to grow from $135 billion in 2015 to $202 billion in 2020.

The increasing sophistication and sophistication of cyber attacks and cybercrime. Also, cybersecurity products and services have become an essential element of IT infrastructures. The growing focus is on data protection and encryption.

After knowing the cybersecurity market and its main players, you may be in knowing how much they spend on research and development (R&D). According to a recent report by Cybersecurity Ventures, 85% of all cybersecurity companies spend more than 10% of their revenue on R&D.

These companies spend most of their money on research and development because they want to create products that can detect and prevent cyberattacks. 

The last thing that you should know about cybersecurity is the market’s geographic distribution. Also, it is that Asia will account for a large part of the global cybersecurity market, with a share of 35% in 2020, by North America (32%), Europe (27%), and the rest of the world (10%).


Cybersecurity vendors are no exception to the cybercrime risks that businesses face today. Some of the common threats that these companies face are:

Targeted Phishing Attack

Targeted phishing attacks are very common in cybersecurity companies. Cybercriminals send an email, claiming to be from a cybersecurity vendor and include an attachment. The attachment usually contains a malicious code which will be once the attachment is and the user’s confidential information is stolen.

Social Engineering Attacks

Social engineering is a very powerful tool for cybercriminals. They use social engineering to trick cybersecurity employees into giving them access to sensitive information about the company’s customers, their data, and other confidential information.

Malware Injection Attack

Cybercriminals use malware injection attacks to gain access to a company’s network. They inject malicious code into legitimate websites or web applications that the company uses. 

Once the code is injected, it will be each time the site is accessed and the user’s information will be stolen.


Cybersecurity vendors are at high risk of cybercrime. So, they need to invest in the latest cyber defense technologies to protect their customers.

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