information security and cybersecurity

Information Security And Cybersecurity

What are information security and cybersecurity? In this article, we will know more information about this topic. So, read on to learn more.

What are Information Security and Cybersecurity?

Information security (abbreviated as InfoSec) is the practice of defending information. It is from unauthorized access and use.

Also, disclosure, disruption, and modification. It adds perusal, inspection, recording, or destruction.

Information security can be viewed as a set of processes. Also, procedures that protect digital information from unintended. It adds unauthorized access or usage.

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Cybersecurity (abbreviated as “cybsec”) is the practice of protecting computer systems. It is from cyber attacks.

The combination of both terms cybersecurity information security is sometimes seen as redundant. Therefore, it has been jokingly referred to as “cyber-sec”.

It is increasingly used in this manner. Also, it is due to the high number of cyberattacks that have occurred over the last several years.

What are the Causes of Cyber Attacks?

The causes of cyber attacks are classified into three major groups.

Political Causes

Cyber attacks can be caused by a group of people. Also, it can be motivated by political reasons. Therefore, it is also called cyber terrorism.

A hacker may get angry with a political party and attack its website. Also, computer systems.

Attackers do this because they want to send a message. It is to the world about their opinions and beliefs.

Financial Causes

Cyber attacks can be carried out for financial gain. They can steal credit card information and banking information. 

The hackers will take advantage of the information and use it to make online purchases. Also, transfer money from bank accounts without the permission of the owner.

Cyber attacks for financial gain are much more common than attacks motivated by political reasons.

Thrill Seeking Causes

Cyber attacks can be carried out just to gain the thrill. Also, fun doing it. Some hackers attack websites just because they want to see if they can do it.

They get a thrill from breaking into a website and making changes to it. Also, deleting files from a computer system without permission.

What is the Difference Between Cyber Security and Information Security?

The terms information security and cyber security are often confused with each other. This is because both of them protect information. 

It is from unauthorized access and use. However, they have very different meanings.

The term cyber security is more encompassing than the term information security. Therefore, cyber security is more specific.

Cyber security is the protection of computer networks. Also, computer systems from electronic threats. Furthermore, it also involves the protection from human threats.

Cyber security is a part of information technology security. It focuses on protecting networks and computers from unauthorized access and use. 

However, information technology security focuses. It is on other aspects that affect the business.


Cyber attacks are increasing each year. Therefore, it is important to understand the causes of cyberattacks. Also, how they work. 

This will help companies. Also, people protect themselves from cyber-attacks.

Furthermore, companies should know the difference between cyber security. Also, information security. This will give them a better understanding of each one.

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