information security breach examples

Information Security Breach Examples and Practices to Avoid Them

What are some information security breach examples and practices to avoid them?

This article discusses the different information security breach examples and practices, including how to avoid them. Find out what major data breaches are happening in today’s world.

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Information Security Breach Examples

Theft or loss

This is a very common example of an information security breach. It is effective in compromising the confidentiality of an individual or an organization. Theft or loss of data is a result of poor data storage practices that include failing to properly handle and protect the data.

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Unauthorized access

Unauthorized access could be intentional or unintentional. In case of intentional unauthorized access, it may be for personal gain or for espionage. 

In unintentional cases, it may be accidental events like accessing a computer without any authorization. The intent behind the unauthorized access could be to modify, alter, copy, or delete the information. So, it can gain access to confidential information.

Human errors

In this case, human errors are unintentional or negligent acts that compromise the security of information. It could involve accidentally deleting information from a system or losing a device containing sensitive information on it. 

It is important to note that human errors are the most common way in which information gets lost and is difficult to avoid completely. However, organizations can provide training programs for employees. So, it will enable them to handle such issues with ease and avoid distress among the employees.

It is also important for employees to understand their responsibilities. So, they do not commit any mistakes during the execution of their day-to-day activities in the organization. 

They should know how they should handle data whether it is on paper or digitally and how they should respond in case any unauthorized person comes across their workstation while they are away.

Best Practices to Avoid Information Security Breach

One of the ways in which information security breaches can be minimized is by following industry best practices and standards for information security management. 

Organizations should also conduct internal audits, both physical and procedural, to identify any gaps in information security procedures.

In addition, organizations should carry out regular security training programs for employees to ensure that they are updated about the latest threats and information security practices.

Organizations can also develop a robust compliance framework that will enable them to effectively monitor and identify any security threats. They should also have regular information security audits to ensure that the security practices are effective.

Organizations should also have an information security policy that is in place for all employees and followed by everyone. This will help employees understand their roles and responsibilities for data protection.


Information security breaches are sometimes inevitable, but the key is to be prepared and minimize the effects of a breach. 

Organizations should focus on building robust policies, procedures, and training programs to ensure that their employees have the necessary tools to handle such situations. 

There is no doubt that it is a difficult task to keep sensitive data safe and secure from unauthorized access.

However, with the right information security practices in place, organizations can minimize the risk of information security breaches significantly. 

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