Information Security PPT

Information Security PPT: Reasons Why Implement ISMS?

ISMS is an important element of information security ppt. 

What Is Information Security PPT?

Information security is the practice of protecting computers, networks, servers, and data from any illicit access and grants. Included in these measures is the prevention of any disclosure, inspection, recording, or alteration of data.

Moreover, information security is ever more in need today. Most especially in the rush of the pandemic surge, cybercriminals took it as an advantage.

Introducing ISO 27001

So how can you make sure that your standards are compliant with the law? And at the same time, how can you ensure measures and controls are enough?

One primary gauge is the ISO 27001.

ISO 27001 is an international standard for information security. ISO 27001 makes sure that you cover the best of your information security needs.

For example:

  • It boosts a company’s ISMS
  • It also assures that the company is compliant enough with the law

What Is ISMS?

ISMS is known as the Information Security Management System. It refers to the set of policies and procedures of a company’s information security. This also states the systematic management of an organization’s private information.

Of course, an ISMS should be in line with international standards. ISO 27001, for instance.

Why Is It Important To Implement ISMS?

A robust ISMS can help you be more compliant with the laws. Most importantly, it can ‘make’ your business’ security.

But, aside from that, what are more convincing reasons for implementing ISMS?

Consider the following reasons below.

Secure Data Of All Sorts

An ISMS can help your company secure its data of all forms. May it be information on digital form, papers, or in the cloud.

Boost Resilience From Attacks

Furthermore, a robust ISMS not only secures data. But it also aims to enhance resilience from any cyberattack, for instance.

Centralizes Data Management

Data management can surely be a tedious and overwhelming task. But with the help of a stabilized ISMS, management is easier.

It is because a robust ISMS can provide a central framework for data management. It allows the safe management of data. Moreover, the centralized feature adds the ease of streamlining management.

Better Response With Security Threats

Security threats are inevitable. You cannot eradicate the risks or threats. So somehow, you should be resilient and adapt well.

What can help?

A robust ISMS can help you deliver better responses to security threats. Most especially with the continuous advancement of risks.

Ensures The CIA Principle

Information security has three major principles. Namely, confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

These three govern the whole information security framework. 

In line with this, implementing ISMS can help the company secure the application of CIA principles.

Enhances Company Culture With Information Security

ISMS not only benefits the IT department. But it foremost brings benefit for the whole organization.


Because through ISMS, employees can better understand risks. In addition, ISMS can also prepare employees to adopt security measures. In the long run, this shall be a regular practice for your company culture.

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