the information security oversight office

The Information Security Oversight Office

What is the information security oversight office? Read this study to have more knowledge about this title. As a result, it can help you to learn more.

What is The Information Security Oversight Office?

The Information Security Oversight Office (ISOO) is a component of the National Archives and Records Administration. Also, the office ensures compliance with the provisions of the Presidential Records Act, the Freedom of Information Act, and the Privacy Act.

The ISOO is responsible for monitoring and reporting on the government-wide security classification program. It also performs the following major activities:

  • 1. Set priorities and develop plans for the National Declassification Center
  • 2. Coordinate with Executive agencies on issues related to the declassification program.
  • 3. Develop and oversee the implementation of agency records management programs.
  • 4. Provide training and guidance to agencies on records management issues including declassification, security classification, and information sharing.
  • 5. Develop tools to enhance agency declassification activities such as a comprehensive cross-agency indexing system of classified documents and an information portal to disseminate declassified records to the public.
  • 6. Review agency implementation of the declassification program to ensure adequate agency progress toward the fulfillment of the President’s National Declassification Initiative.


ISOO’s primary mission is to lead the implementation of an integrated, comprehensive program of policy and procedural guidance for the security classification system. As well as to promote and support the systematic and efficient declassification of historically valuable records in NARA’s custody. 

The ISOO oversees information security policies and conducts audits of agency programs to determine compliance with established standards. It also develops, implements, and administers all policies relating to agency declassification programs.

Furthermore, the ISOO provides training, guidance, and services to agencies to help them carry out their declassification programs. It also conducts research and analysis, develops policy studies and recommendations. 

It is for senior agency officials, and reviews agency practices to ensure compliance with the Act’s mandates and executive orders. Finally, the ISOO is also responsible for gathering information and managing records of the National Declassification Center.

ISOO Structure

The ISOO is managed by a Director who reports to a Deputy Archivist and Archivist of the United States. The office has four major divisions:

ISOO’s mission is implemented through a combination of direct management responsibilities and oversight of agency activities. In carrying out its responsibilities, ISOO issues directives that serve as binding policy on all Federal agencies subject to the executive order.


The ISOO is the primary national-level focal point for security classification policy and implementation. As such, it is uniquely positioned to promote the development of efficient, rational, and cost-effective security classification policies.

ISOO seeks to fulfill its responsibility by serving as a central source of information on policy and procedures, developing tools. Also, it is to aids agencies in implementing policies, providing training and guidance. It is to agencies on security classification issues and conducting audits of agency programs to determine compliance with established standards.

ISOO also assists in the resolution of interagency disputes concerning security classification and declassification matters.


The ISOO is the central focal point for security classification policy, implementation, and oversight in the Federal Government. Also, the ISOO serves as a central source of information on security classification policy, procedures, and implementation. Furthermore, it promotes the development of efficient, rational, and cost-effective security classification policies.

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