Why Cybersecurity is Important for Government

Why Cybersecurity is Important for Government

There are many reasons why cybersecurity is important for government. Not only are attacks targetted at private organizations.

There are also a lot of attacks targeting the government. Especially from other countries. So, it is now a national concern.

But what are some other reasons why cybersecurity is vital for the government? And how can they solve this issue?

Keep on reading to know more.

Why Cybersecurity is Important for Government

As per one report, many agencies are at risk of cyberattacks. With it reaching to 74%. And most of them are at high risk. Meaning, there is a high chance they will be a victim of security breaches.

Also, only a few workers even know what kinds of secure software are on their systems. So, there is a huge knowledge gap.

Further, only a quarter of agencies say they are ready for a hack or attack. Sounds bad, doesn’t it?

This could mean that only a few can handle attacks like malware. Or denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks. So, why is this the case?

Because the government lack in a lot of areas. Like:

  • budget issues
  • lack of cybersecurity experts or staff
  • the abundance of legacy systems
  • lack of support
  • few network security frameworks
  • security management problems

As a result, millions of citizen’s data are at risk. So, how can they solve these issues? There are a few ways.

How to do Cybersecurity

There are a few ways the government can make a good national cybersecurity strategy. How? Look at the list below:

  • National Cybersecurity Agency (NCA)

This is one of the best ways to address cybersecurity. The best countries have their very own NCA. This dedicated agency will drive the country’s cybersecurity agenda.

Also, they will be the ones to plan how to protect the critical infrastructure of the country. Then, they will respond to any cyber incidents. And they will drive cyber awareness for citizens.

  • Laws for All Cybercrimes

Next up, it is crucial to define laws for all cybercrimes. This is to prevent it from happening. As well as investigating an incident and taking action against them.

To make an effective one, they need to focus on two things. One, make it robust. List out which ones they want to impose penalties or not. Two, make sure they cooperate internationally. Like joining global forums and more.

  • National Incident Response and Recovery Plan

No matter the preparation, cyberattacks can happen. So, there needs to be a plan in case that happens. Making a national plan is crucial.

This plan needs to define how and where to report incidents. Then, it should outline how they look out for cyber threats. Also, they should be proactive in fighting off these threats. Then make a robust plan to respond to incidents.

So, what do you think? That is why cybersecurity is vital for the government. And those above are how they can impose strong cybersecurity.

If followed, they can keep their citizens safe as well as their vital data. Which is what they should do, right? 

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