7th cybersecurity workshop

7th Cybersecurity Workshop

What is the 7th cybersecurity workshop? This article discusses the meaning of the topic. As a result, you can have more knowledge about this study.

What is the 7th Cybersecurity Workshop?

A 7th cybersecurity workshop is an event where participants discuss and brainstorm ideas on how to make the internet more secure. Also, the workshop is in Canada. This event was from August 27 to August 31, 2018.

What are the topics discussed in the workshop?

  • fix the internet’s vulnerability problems.
  • regulate the ownership of the online world.
  • make strong encryption systems.
  • make the people understand and respect each other.

When Was This Event Held?

This event was from August 27 to August 31, 2018. Also, the workshop was at a place in Canada called Ottawa. The location is the Chateau Laurier Hotel.

There were 2,000 participants at this workshop. They had come from many countries such as the U.S., UK, and China.

What are the Major Objectives of this Event?

The main objective of this workshop is to discuss how we can solve the vulnerabilities on the internet and make it more secure. There are 3 parts to participate in this workshop. 

First, you have to submit an application form to participate in the workshop.

Deep Dive breakout sessions. Also, breakout sessions are available to give opinions and ideas about the problems and solutions to internet security.

What is the Next Event of this Workshop?

Two events will take place after the 7th Cybersecurity Workshop. These events will take place in 2020 and 2021. Also, the next two events will be by the European Union Agency for Network and Information Security (ENISA).

Cybersecurity Agency of Japan 

Cybersecurity Agency of Japan (CSAJ) is a government agency that is responsible for the security of information and systems in Japan. The CSAJ has created a set of rules called the NISC Rules. It is a set of rules which ensure network security in Japan. 

The Japanese government has also enacted new laws regarding cybersecurity. These laws are in four different laws. 

In addition to the government, the Tokyo Stock Exchange has also created some new rules. The goal of these new rules is to ensure high-security standards for its users.

It is important to use a VPN when you visit Japan because the internet in Japan is quite censored and restricted. In Japan, you can be fined heavily for posting controversial opinions online. Thus, it is important to use a VPN for Japan when you are there so that your internet activity cannot be censored.


Recently, there have been some cyberattacks such as WannaCry and NotPetya. These cyber-attacks have affected many users from all over the world. Thus, the cybersecurity workshop will discuss how they can prevent these kinds of cyberattacks in the future.

In addition, the workshop will discuss how they can make the internet more secure. The workshop will be by ENISA until 2021. As a result, there will be more discussions and suggestions to make the internet more secure on a long-term basis.

How do I Apply to Join This Workshop?

If you are interested in applying to join this workshop, you have to submit an application form online. You can fill out the online form on their official website. 

There are 2,000 spots available for the workshop. Thus, you will have to be patient if you want a spot at this workshop because there are a lot of people applying for it.


Cybersecurity is an important topic. Thus, this workshop will help improve the cybersecurity of all participants. In addition, it is important to use a VPN when you visit Japan because the internet in Japan is quite censored and restricted. 

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