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A Guide to Cybersecurity Government Jobs

A huge benefit of cybersecurity is you can work in nearly any industry. However, there are some factors that make cybersecurity government jobs unique. 

Why Choose a Cybersecurity Career 

Technological advancements are not always a good thing. It has become a driving factor for increased security breaches and attacks by cybercriminals. Moreover, hackers don’t care if your business is large or small. As long as you possess data, you are a prime target. 

This uptick in cybercrime means that cybersecurity jobs are more in demand than ever before. As mentioned, cybersecurity professionals can expect in the public, private, and government sectors. 

A career in IT security can be equally rewarding, exciting, and challenging. Furthermore, most cybersecurity professionals enjoy competitive salaries. Many companies are desperate to attract and retain talent. Moreover, they see competitive salaries as a prime motivator to achieve those goals. 

Besides the salary, another reason to consider a career in the industry is the skills gap. The demand for professionals is much bigger than the industry can supply. Hence, this means that you could pick and choose who you want to work for. 

Cybersecurity Government Jobs Career Paths 

The US government fully acknowledges that cybercrime is a huge issue for its organizations. The local, state, and federal government administrations create thousands of cybersecurity jobs. 

Hence, you must consider pursuing cybersecurity government jobs. The government offers many career choices and incentives. Some of those are job security, job satisfaction, and high-paying salaries. 

Moreover, government employees enjoy loan-forgiveness and scholarship programs. One example is the CyberCorps Scholarship for Service. Thus, the government is incentivizing cybersecurity professionals who work for them. 

You’ll need the right education and skills to land a career in cybersecurity government jobs. Choosing the right degree in IT is a great starting point. Furthermore, obtaining certifications make your resume look even more appealing to employers.

What type of degree should you pick? A degree in computer science is a good place to start. Such a degree will qualify you for entry-level jobs in cybersecurity. 

Yet, most cybersecurity government jobs require basic IT certifications. For instance, you may want to pursue Mircorst and ISACA certifications. These certifications focus on governance and risk management. 

The number of schools offering degrees in cybersecurity is increasing. It is best that you pursue such degrees to strengthen your skills and knowledge. Moreover, government organizations may also require work experience. Hence, you must grab the opportunities that internships bring. 

Which Role Is Your Best Fit? 

There are numerous cybersecurity job titles. How do you know which one suits you? The personalities listed below describe some of the traits needed. Those are for government cybersecurity jobs. 

The Problem Solver 

“Problem solvers” are ideal for jobs that require precision in identifying security risks. If you’re this type of person, you are well suited for cyber incident response careers. 

The Quick Learner 

A quick learner suits best for a career in government security networks and systems engineering.

The Avenger 

An avenger thrives on fighting cybercrime. Thus, if this is your personality, consider pursuing a cybersecurity analyst role. Moreover, it must focus on risk management. 

The Teacher 

Government cybersecurity jobs that match the teacher traits include:

  • cybersecurity consultants 
  • information technology specialists
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