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Bookmark These Cybersecurity News Sites

It’s not easy staying current on the latest cyber attacks. These cybersecurity news sites will help you stay updated on the latest industry trends. 

The cybersecurity news sites listed below will make you stay on top of facts. Moreover, they offer readers various perspectives. You may read about some of the same stories from each of these sources. However, you can expect that writers give stories a unique point of view. 

Furthermore, you’ll always have fresh content available as these cybersecurity news sites are updated nearly every day. Without further ado, here are the best cybersecurity news sites you must bookmark now. 

CNBC Cybersecurity

CNBC focuses on the business implications brought by data breaches and top security stories. Thus, this website is the way to go if you want to see how cybersecurity affects companies financially

ZDNet Security

ZDNet acknowledges that every software has holes and hackers love to exploit them. Moreover, they want readers to be aware that new vulnerabilities appear almost daily. Hence, staying updated on the latest vulnerabilities is more crucial than ever. ZDNet does a great job of the latest cybersecurity news. 

Wall Street CIO Journal

Wall Street Journal updates its CIO section every morning with articles covering various topics. For instance, you’ll read topics about cloud-based technology, innovation, and eCommerce. You must include Wall Street Journal’s Security and Privacy Section on your first stops on a weekday. 

Washington Post Cybersecurity

The Washington Post has a dedicated cybersecurity section to keep readers updated on the recent breaches and policy. Following their articles is truly worth it. 

WIRED Security

The WIRED magazine usually publishes flashy stories. However, their stories are interesting and tackle issues from a fresh perspective. For instance, their article about hackers who were able to control a Jeep while it was moving went very popular. 


TechCrunch covers the latest and greatest in technology. However, their articles are usually opinionated by nature. Yet, it’s certainly worth following to stay current on the latest cybersecurity technologies. 

ArsTechnica Security

ArsTechnica takes readers on a pretty deep dive into cybersecurity. Moreover, writers provide technical details and articles about the industry. It is recommended that you turn to this site first if you’re looking for something. 


InfoSecurity Magazine is a UK-based publication. Hence, it offers a European and international cybersecurity focus. This focus makes InfoSecurity worth following, too. Furthermore, InfoSecurity also offers free webinars, whitepapers, and virtual conferences. 

The State of Security – Tripwire

Regular contributors and guest authors from throughout the cybersecurity industry offer their opinions on the state of cybersecurity. This website also stays on top of the latest cybersecurity news. The State of Security is a recent winner of the “Best Corporate Blog” and “Most Entertaining Security Blog” awards. 

NextGov Cybersecurity

As the name implies, NextGov focuses on technology and the federal government. Moreover, writers update the website’s cybersecurity section several times per day to provide excellent content to readers.

The Hill Cybersecurity

If you want to stay updated on the latest happenings on the US government’s cybersecurity, this is the way to go. Its cybersecurity section has three sections: News, Videos, and Regulations.

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