cybersecurity solutions

Cybersecurity Solutions You Need to Know

What are the best cybersecurity solutions for your company to implement right now? Let’s find out.

Cybersecurity Solutions

Try to think about at least one cybersecurity solution in a minute.

Guess what? During that one minute, more than 679 new malware variants may have been created. In fact, 357 million new malware variants were detected in 2016 alone.

So, it’s important to have the right cybersecurity protections in place. Otherwise, you can’t deal with the ever-increasing number of cybersecurity threats out there.

Granted, you can’t stop every threat. But, you can reduce your chances of getting attacked. And that’s if you have the right cybersecurity solutions.

Here are the top four solutions you need to know.

Top 4 Cybersecurity Solutions You Need to Know

Security Patch Management Schedule

There were a lot of data breaches in recent years that brought really bad consequences. But, companies could have prevented it if they hadn’t missed important security patches

Many successful attacks happen because of completely new and unknown security vulnerabilities. And patches could have fixed these before they can even happen.

For example, the Equifax data breach that occurred in May 2017 happened because of a zero-day attack. It entered through a web application vulnerability that had a patch available in March.

Basically, they had two months to apply the patch, but they did not. So, the problem was used against them.

By maintaining a regular patch update schedule, you can also present many kinds of attacks on your infrastructure.

Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS)

IDS are crucial technologies to detect intrusion attempts. While they can’t stop an attack on their own, they can alert your team when a breach occurred.

No IDS means that hackers are free to reign over your data without your knowledge. It’s like letting a robber roam over your house and you don’t know a single thing.

Some intrusion detection systems called intrusion prevention systems (IPSs) also incorporate automated protective measures. These can even stop an attack in progress.

Managed Cybersecurity Services/Solutions

Some things can’t be handled on our own. Fortunately, there are many companies that can work with you. So, you can minimize your security risks.

Their services include:

  • Security Audits and Assessments – assessing your internal and external vulnerabilities by using policy reviews, security architecture reviews, and penetration testing.
  • IT Security Staffing – equip your company with dedicated teams of cybersecurity experts with extensive practical experience in managing cybersecurity.
  • Security Architecture/Solution Implementations – fill the gaps in your cybersecurity architecture.

Having these services can be a quick way to improve your security posture.

Multi-Layered Firewalls and Other Defense-in-Depth Tools

If an attacker is already in your network, minimizing the damage is your top priority. Next to it is to slow down the attacker as much as possible.

To do that, you’ll need multiple layers of defense. It’s also important to isolate your networks. So, the attacker can’t access it at once.

You can also put up firewalls for every app you use. And for employees who work from home, it’s critical for them to use virtual private networks. 

Each of these tools can have a place in your cybersecurity solutions if used the right way.

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