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Need for Information Security Amid COVID-19

Why is there a need for information security amid the COVID-19 pandemic crisis? Read on to learn more.

The Need for Information Security Now

It’s important to stay on top of changing cybersecurity patterns now. For one, cybercriminals love a good crisis. So, it’s not surprising that they take advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic.

As if the pandemic crisis is not enough, these criminals exploit tens of millions of home-based workers. That’s why the attack surface has never been wider.

Of course, the need for information security doesn’t stop there. If cybersecurity experts use advanced technologies like AI to improve security, criminals also use them to penetrate systems.

The million-dollar question: Is your company’s information security as effective as it should be amid these turbulent times? Let’s consider the latest news of information and cybersecurity.

What’s New in Information Security in 2021

Cybersecurity has improved compared to the last years. But, more has to be done. For one, the number of cyberattacks has become staggering.

In fact, the FBI reported that they saw a 400% increase from what it was seeing pre-COVID-19. Security vendors also detected more attacks in the first six months of 2020 than in all of 2019. 

The reason? The rapid adoption of work-from-home models expanded the attack surface at many corporations.

While remote work protected employees from getting the virus, it made them vulnerable to attacks. For one thing, the protection they once had in offices is not available in their homes.

Another factor is that many organizations released sources that created new weaknesses. For example, healthcare companies relaxed their firewall rules. So, they can facilitate work-from-home capabilities.

Most hospitals also expanded telehealth capabilities. But, they lack even the basic security infrastructure.

It’s not that companies haven’t been trying to improve their security. It’s just that many have yet to follow suit.

Basic Steps for Companies to Enhance Information Security

Exploring artificial intelligence-based methods can protect companies and their mobile workforces. But, there are many more important and basic steps that they should take.

These include the following:

Cybersecurity awareness

Companies should raise information security awareness for every employee. So, they can be their first line of defense.

For instance, they should know how to look out for signs of phishing. But they will only be able to do so if they have a basic idea of what it is.

Apply basic tools

Those who work from home should prioritize availing of security services. For example, they should have detection and response tools.

Even midsize companies should also invest n preventive controls, such as firewalls and endpoint protection.

Update systems regularly

Updating software and systems with the latest versions are the keys to preventing a security patch. In fact, it can be great protection for zero-day attacks.

Perform regular data backups

Aside from updates, backups are also essential. Once an attack happened, one of the only things you can do is to open your backup files.

But if you have none, you can’t get access to your files anymore. So, it will be a great loss for your company.

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