Cybersecurity Training

Cybersecurity Training: Tips to Conduct One

Cybersecurity training often gets overlooked by employees. But that is not good. Training employees on the value of cybersecurity is crucial.

Because one of the biggest cybersecurity threats is the lack of best practices. Meaning, many company’s systems got compromised because of one wrong action.

Also, a hacker’s favorite victim is a less tech-savvy person. You do not what hackers to target your employees to get into your system right?

So, what can you do? Yes, train your employees. But how?

Let us know more in this article.

Cybersecurity Training: How?

Get Executive Buy-In

Of course, the first thing you need to do is get the C-suite on board. But how? Let them see the value of the training. Give them numbers to analyze.

How? List the cost of holding cybersecurity training. Then, compare it with how a breach can cost you. Which one is more cost-effective?

Assess Your Company’s Weak Points

When planning to do a training, see your whole security measures. Then, assess and find where weak points are.

Are there gaps in your payment system? How about your internal e-mails? After finding out the weakest point, start designing your course.

Find Out What Employees Already Know

Next up, find out what they already know. Do not waste their time as well as yours. This will let you focus on areas that they do not know.

As a result, the training will become more informative for them.

Educate Employees About Various Kinds of Threats

Get specific about what threats are looming around. Like e-mail and phone phishing scams. Then, keep them up to date with the latest threats.

This will help them be wary and be more careful in working. Also, warn them about suspicious sites or downloads.

List Out the Best Practices

Of course, you will need to train them on cybersecurity best practices. After being more aware of threats, they will be more inclined in following best practices.

Let them see the value of what following best practices can do. Then, stress that the roles they play in ensuring security are valuable. 

Use Personal Examples

No matter the size, chances are high that a cybersecurity incident already happened. An employee or two may have already been a victim of identity theft or cyber attack.

So, if that employee is willing, use their example in your training. 

Train Early and Often

Yes, start training them early. When? As soon as onboarding starts. This will prepare them on doing their jobs with security in mind.

Also, this will help you gauge the level of your new employee’s knowledge on the matter. After, you will need to train often. Do not rely on the first training they had.

Why? Because new threats are rising all the time. Also, employees will need a refresher from time to time. Training them often will keep them up to date with new threats.

Cybersecurity Training is Important

Yes, cybersecurity training is indeed important. So, how is your plan on doing one? Are you all set to start training your employees?

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