Cybersecurity Analyst

How To Become a Cybersecurity Analyst

Hackers worldwide always find new ways how to hack a company’s sensitive data. That is why cybersecurity analyst duties also rise.

So in this article, we will be going to find out what does a cybersecurity analyst does. And how to become one. 

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What Does A Cybersecurity Analyst Do?

A cybersecurity analyst is in charge of protecting a company’s sensitive data. As well as networks from unauthorized access. How does it work?

First, they are responsible for recognizing defects. Also, they correct the flaws in a company’s programs, security systems, and more. 

Second, a cybersecurity analyst also finds ways to better the security of the company.

Third, they in control of communicating the specific measures to be taken. And may even form training modules and programs. So that the users and staff know the security protocols.

Other roles may include:

  • Making internal and external security audits
  • Finding the root cause of breaches.
  • Keeping track of security access.

So we have already talked about what does a cybersecurity analyst does. Now, let us find out how to become a cybersecurity analyst.

Steps To Becoming A Cyber Analyst 

Here are the steps: 

  • Earn a degree. 
  • Complete an internship.
  • Gain credentials with certification.
  • Find a position.

Earn a degree. Most employers look for a bachelor’s degree. Either in information technology or computer science. Or even in any IT-related area.

Then, a bachelor’s degree in cybersecurity starts with a basic knowledge of databases. Such as applications, programming, and statistics. Then it will move on to more advanced topics. Like, cryptography, artificial intelligence, and ethical hacking.

In a cybersecurity program, students also have business and technical skills. Like system administration, database applications, and data recovery.

Complete an internship.  A cybersecurity program student can also be working part-time as an intern. Working part-time as an intern has a lot of benefits for your career. 

Here are some benefits you will get by working as a part-time intern:

  • helps you get working experience
  • helps you gain connections
  • industry professionals can answer your questions.
  • work with experts in the field can help you learn the system first-hand.

Gain credentials with certification. Earning a certificate can be very time-consuming and expensive. But this will help you stand out and be qualified for the opportunity. This will also allow you to demand or negotiate a higher starting salary.

Find a position. If you have all qualifications above, you can start applying for the job. Or you may already have a job waiting for you once you graduate. If your school has a good job placement program, that is.


In conclusion, cybersecurity analysts must have strong analytical skills. They have to be able to study computer systems. Then assess any potential risks and consider possible solutions. 

Cybersecurity analyst jobs can be seen anywhere, in any type of industry and company. From schools to government agencies to businesses to hospitals. 

As we have learned, a cybersecurity analyst is the perfect career path for you. Especially if you are eager and interested in building defense systems in cyberspace

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