how many cybersecurity attacks per day

How Many Cybersecurity Attacks Per Day

How many cybersecurity attacks per day? This article discusses the meaning of the topic. As a result, you can have more knowledge about this study.

How Many Cybersecurity Attacks Per Day?

Experts estimate that there are about two million cybersecurity attacks per day. Also, these attacks are through various forms of cyber threats. 

Cyber threats can be offensive and defensive. Also, cyberattacks can be useful for cybercriminals, such as using them to steal personal data or using them as a weapon to attack government systems, banks, or other companies.

According to the results of the research by security firm Kaspersky Lab, the number of cyberattacks is increasing every year. Also, the report shows that the number of cyber-attacks has by 35% in 2016 compared to 2015. 

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The report also shows that there are at least 2 million types of malware circulating online. Many types of malware can be to hack into computer systems with unexpected results.

The report shows that more than half of the malware is created in Asia, followed by the United States, which controls about 15% of the malware. As a result, it is a serious issue for these countries to secure their cyber security. 

Meanwhile, cybersecurity attacks are not limited to only computer devices. For example, in 2016, there were also many cyber attacks related to mobile phones. In 2015, there were also many cases of cyber-attacks on television sets and other devices that use Internet-connected systems.

What is Cyber Attack?

Cyber attacks can be an act of threatening or attacking a computer system or data-processing system that has a certain function. This can be through various methods, such as sending a huge amount of data to the victim’s device. 

Which will lead to a denial-of-service attack, or attacking the device to steal personal data, such as bank account credentials. Also, cyber-attacks are often to steal sensitive information. 

Cyber attacks can cause serious damage to individuals and organizations. Meanwhile, cyber-attacks can also be an act of terrorism.

According to the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA), the number of cyberattacks per day is about 100,000. Meanwhile, it is that there are more than 1000 different types of malware. 

Malware can be used to compromise personal data and can be by cybercriminals as a weapon to steal personal information or attack government systems, banks, and large companies. Meanwhile, the use of cyberattacks can also cause harm to individuals and organizations. 

Cyber Criminals

Cybercriminals can use the cyberattack to steal personal data and then sell it to the black market. Even so, the black market value of personal data is very high. 

For example, stolen passwords and internet banking credentials are at $ 1 each. Meanwhile, the credit card information is at $100 each. Meanwhile, leaked medical records can be sold at a higher price than credit card information.


Cyber attacks are a serious threat to individuals and organizations. It is that there are two million cyber attacks every day. Also, cyber security is a term that is in the computer environment to describe the protection of computer systems and networks from cyber-attacks. 

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