History Of Cybersecurity

How The History Of Cybersecurity Starts?

The history of cybersecurity can be traced back to the 1960s. It is when the U.S. The Department of Defense was tasked with developing a system to protect computers.

 So these cybersecurity issues become an important matter today?

Introduction About Cybersecurity History

History of cybersecurity, from the 1960s to the present day. In the early days, the Department of Defense was developing a system.

It is to protect computers. Since then, governments and corporations have spent billions of dollars on cybersecurity measures.

With an effort to defend themselves against ever-evolving threats. 

Although cybersecurity has been around for decades, public awareness of the issue didn’t begin. Not until security breaches such as the 2014 Sony hack.

Also, 2015 Office of Personnel Management data breach. These events in more detail, along with the government’s response. For instance, e-commerce, information security, and public safety.

These are the things that we are using in cyberspace. So cyberspace is the virtual space in which information and data are stored on computers.

These computers connect via network connections or on computers connected via network connections. Such as mobile phones or tablets connected via network connections.

So base on the technology used, cyberspace has two categories:

  • The wired networks. It uses cables such as telephone lines and fiber optics for connecting computers.
  • The wireless networks use radio waves for connecting computers together.

So let us learn more about cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity In Simple Words

It is the study of preventing unauthorized access to or destruction of data systems. Also, the networks and protecting data integrity.

Using the following:

  • defensive procedures
  • countermeasures

It applies across computer networks while operating under different threat conditions. It is also for the protection of the following:

  • the authenticity of the information,
  • ensuring its availability when needed
  • ensuring its confidentiality over data communications systems.

In addition, providing non-repudiation services. For instance, preventing an unauthorized party from denying prior creation. Also, or modification of information over data communications systems.

In addition, it ensures reliable storage and recovery services over data communications systems. So, it covers permitting parties to access specific information within an authorized period. 

Moreover, it protects against accidental or malicious destruction or alteration of information on storage media such as disk drives. The term cyber-security may also refer to the following:

– protection of privacy rights and protection of an individual’s identity.

– the practice of protecting and defending the data from anything which may cause the following: attack, harm, or otherwise impede the operation of a network or computer system.

It is an act of cybercrime. So how do these cybercrimes happen?


It is a type of crime that involves a violation of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. It encompasses any crime where a computer is an instrument.

For instance, to gain access to information that wasn’t authorized. Moreover, it can be unlawful on both federal and state levels. 

For instance, the White-Collar Crime or the High-tech crimes committed.

They are utilizing computers and telecommunications equipment that result in large monetary losses.

Aside from crime, cyber warfare is another tactic of criminals.

It is a form of warfare in which the primary attack method is the Internet. 

Therefore, it is better to practice strong cybersecurity.

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