Cybersecurity Free Courses

Tips on How to Get the Best of Cybersecurity Free Courses

Cybersecurity is a great field of learning and landing a career from today. Also, on the web, a lot of cybersecurity free courses are available. But are they worth it? How can you get the best out of learning, even online?

In this post, we will be covering that for you. 

Read on to learn more.

Where to Find Cybersecurity Free Courses

So, where can you find free cybersecurity courses online? Below, see free cybersecurity courses that you can resource from. 

1. Introduction to Cybersecurity by Cybrary IT

  • Course duration is only four hours and 21 minutes long.
  • Fits beginners
  • Offers certification after course completion

2. Great Learning Academy

  • Offers certification after completion but with a fee 
  • You can opt to complete the whole course according to your own pace

Below are the cybersecurity fields you can choose from. For example:

  • Introduction to Information Security
  • Introduction to Cybersecurity 
  • Advanced Cybersecurity Threats and Governance 
  • Ethical Hacking 

3. Fundamentals of Cybersecurity by SANS Cyber Aces Online

  • No certification offered
  • You can choose your level of learning: introductory to intermediate
  • Also, course completion is flexible (depending on the student’s pace of learning)

Extra Tips in Getting the Most Out of Learning Online

Online learning is quite different from learning on-premise. So you have to exert some extra effort to get the best out of it. 

What can you do?

Here are some learning tips and resources you can add to your curriculum. For instance, you can:

1. Read Cybersecurity Books for Beginners

Reading books from experts is a great way to leverage learning. Although you have your lessons given on courses, reading physical books never goes out of style when it comes to effective knowledge retention.

2. Subscribe to Cybersecurity Blogs Online

Also, keep yourself updated by subscribing to cybersecurity blogs online. Perhaps these blogs can provide you with the latest news, trends, updates, hacks, threats, and best practices. 

Why is this important?

Cybersecurity is a constantly changing landscape. Thus, keeping yourself updated helps to keep you ahead in the field. Also, it can help you apply and reflect on what you learn from online courses better.

3. Listen to Cybersecurity Podcasts

If you opt for audio learning better than reading, then podcasts can suit you best. Today, cybersecurity sites that publish blogs also publish podcasts within their sites.

Perhaps you can check out the following sites below:

4. Research on Cybersecurity Whitepapers

If you want to delve deeper into cybersecurity, reading whitepapers can help. So we have listed some examples that you can start with below.

Summing Up

Aside from learning free cybersecurity courses, you can revamp your online learning game by resourcing other learning materials.

For example, you can read books, subscribe to blogs & articles, listen to podcasts, and research through whitepapers.

Learning in different ways can help you love the field from different angles. More so, being resourceful is a skill that can help you become a cybersecurity expert.

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