Information Security Auditor

Information Security Auditor

Let us learn how to be an information security auditor. Also, let us know about their jobs and responsibilities.

Introduction About The Information Security Auditor

Information security auditors are professionals, that audit your computer security systems. They give learning to your computer and information technologies.

Also, they are professionals in the following:

  • cybersecurity
  • policy development
  • penetration testing

Moreover, they are vital in securing the information in our system. Because we all know how everyone is prone to security threats.

Therefore, the demand in this field is increasing growing. Actually, in research, there is up to 30% increase in employment in this field. 

Also, it pays a good fortune, well their job is not easy. So they deserve it.

They have a median yearly salary of $ 66, 000. For entry-level they have a salary of $ 58, 000 and for the Mid-level, they earn $ 80, 000.

Anyway, let us dig in deeper about the information security auditor. 

Information Security Auditor: What They Do?

Here is what an information security auditor does:

  • They build, create, and implements the audits based on your company policies and regulations.
  • They inspect and evaluate security controls and methods. Moreover, they are working closely with IT experts, executives, and top managers.
  • Information security auditors also, create a test in IT systems. Where it determines the risks and inadequacies. 
  • They are evaluating the following:
    • encryption
    • firewalls
    • protocols
    • related security measure

Moreover, aside from all this task, the information security auditor is the one to develop plans for the following:

  • security compliance
  • management potential security threats
  • reducing the risk

How To Become A Security Auditor?

In order to be qualified as an information security auditor, someone should possess even undergrad degrees in one of the following:

  • Information technology
  • Computer science
  • Or any degrees that related to this field

Also, associate degrees is may satisfy. However, not many employers hire them because they prefer a bachelor’s degree.

An entry-level position as a security or systems administrator is often open for undergrad. It will serve as their building platforms for basic knowledge.

The administrators will subject to training the individuals in testing the following:

  • systems and networks vulnerabilities,
  • conducting basic audits,
  • establishing security requirements

On mid-level position it may include the following:

  • security engineer
  • security specialist
  • and also, security consultant

They will do the task of:

  • supervising the designs
  • monitoring
  • implementation for security systems

So to achieve to goals of security auditors, someone should have consolidated learning and skills. It should be from the entry-level up to the mid-level. 

Moreover, three to five years of experience is also needed. Also, to be a senior security auditor five years above experience is a must. 

Top Required Skills 

  • Bachelors Degree in the following field (technology, computer science..)
  • Certification and continuous education programs¬†
  • Experts in analyst conducting audits to any parts of your company
  • Know java programming
  • Can operate the WIndows and UNIX
  • Familiar in Proofpoint, and also in Symantec ProxySG
  • Also, should know to understand the data security regulations
  • Know how to assess audit results
  • Can prepare comprehensive written reports
  • Has the objectives, attention, and discipline.
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