information security incident

Information Security Incident Types

An information security incident refers to an event where someone accessed your information without permission. It can be an attempt or an actual action.

Moreover, it involves the interruption of operations. It also includes violating a policy or a law.

Furthermore, reporting these incidents as soon as possible is a must.

Only then you can limit the damage and financial loss.

Common information security incident agents

An information security incident agent is also known as an attack vector. It is also where a hacker can access your information. Then, they put malicious software.

It includes the following:

  • viruses
  • email attachment or message
  • webpages
  • pop-up windows
  • external media
  • improper use
  • downloadable files
  • malware
  • mouse hovering
  • scareware

Common Types of Information Security Incident

Insider threat

In addition, insiders are those who work in your company with illegal intentions. They can be one of the following:

  • current employees
  • former employees
  • third-party vendors
  • contractors
  • temporary works
  • customers

Illegal access to data and systems

Moreover, they will try to access which systems they can access.

They may even attempt to read and change data that is not related to their job. Also, they may log in at unusual times or locations.

Phishing attacks

Also, a hacker pretends that he is a trusted person or company. Additionally, some even pose as a court or a bank staff.

Therefore, they use emails that pass malicious links or files. Then, it extracts your login details or account information.

Malware attack

Malware is short for malicious malware. Also, it is installed on a computer or a system. Moreover, it includes:

  • Trojan horse
  • worm
  • ransomware
  • adware
  • spyware

Denial-of-service attacks

A DOS attack shuts down your computer or network. Thus, it cannot receive and respond to requests.

Moreover, a hacker does this by flooding the traffic. Then, it will crash a system or network. 

How can you prevent Information Security Incident?

Prevention is always better than responding to these incidents. But, how?

  1. Apply two-factor authentication.
  2. Look and patch weak security points.
  3. Encrypt your corporate data.
  4. Install scanning programs like antivirus.
  5. Train your employees.
  6. Reboot a system.
  7. Reconfigure your firewalls and routers.
  8. Use an encryption protocol.
  9. Avoid using public Wi-Fi.
  10. Create strong passwords.
  11. Change your passwords regularly.
  12. Monitor your network.
  13. Follow access controls.
  14. Practice security awareness at all times.
  15. Back up your data.

How to report an information security incident

An information security incident is a serious matter. Especially if what’s at stake is the company’s trade secret or data.

It can also result in:

  • serious legal consequences
  • reputational damage
  • unauthorized disclosure of information
  • disorder of important operations

Thus, report an information security incident as soon as possible.

But how? Here are some details you need to include in your report.

  1. Your name
  2. Department of your company
  3. Email address
  4. Number
  5. Description of the information security incident
  6. Date and time of the issue (when it started)
  7. Affected sources or system

Moreover, if you think that the compromised computer has confidential data, take note of the following:

  1. Do not shut down the computer.
  2. Do not attempt to investigate the incident yourself.
  3. Disconnect your device from a wireless network.
  4. Report the incident immediately.
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