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Information Security Plan: A Beginner’s Guide

What is an information security plan? Why do you need it? And how can you create a plan?

Let’s find out!

What is an information security plan?

An information security plan refers to the ways of protecting information. It protects data from unauthorized access and change.

Moreover, it helps lessen risks in your firm’s security. And it supports the three principles of information security.

Why do you need an information security plan?

An information security plan is very important to organizations. It is also lawful.

Additionally, information security threats are increasing. So, you want to protect your information from criminals.

Besides, it is a requirement from a state’s policies. Like SEC and GDPR.

How can you create an information security plan?

Here are the steps to create a security plan.

Step 1: Assign your Information Security Manager.

An Information Security Manager helps make your plan. They also review and update them.

Moreover, they will conduct employee training about the policies. And they make sure that you always apply your security plan.

Step 2: Know your sensitive data.

Identify the sensitive data of your company. It will help you know which data should be protected.

Additionally, you should also protect your hard copy data. Not just your electronic data.

Step 3: Explain the protection methods.

There are many types of protection. It can be one of the following:

  • locked file cabinets
  • locked storage areas
  • electronic encryption
  • network intrusion security
  • secure data transfer

Step 4: Learn how you share your data with others.

Aside from the protection methods, it is also vital to know how you share your data with others.

Besides, make sure that they know how you protect your data. So, they can take action, too.

Additionally, you can request a certificate that they have a security plan.

Step 5: Train your staff.

Human error is one of the major causes of breaches. So, ensure that your staff knows your security plan.

Also, you must limit the access to those allowed only. Do not give access to unofficial employees.

Step 6: Identify the risks.

Knowing the risks to your sensitive data is vital. It gives you an insight into the origin of threats. Also, you’ll know how it can affect your finance.

Thus, you’ll learn how to fight the biggest threats and manage your time.

Step 7: Make a breach response plan and apply it.

A data breach response plan is an important part of your security plan. It will detail how you will act on a breach.

Moreover, it states who leads your breach plan and the actions. Also, it will list all the relevant third parties of your plan, such as:

  • breach victims
  • local authorities
  • state authorities

Besides, when there are changes in your plan, you should review them. There are also different risks yearly. So, an update is a must.


Firms and businesses are vulnerable to threats. So, an information security plan is really important. Knowing the risks and applying the plan will lessen them. Also, it makes you more secured.

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