In Information Security, Which Of The Following Is An Example Of A Threat Actor?

In Information Security, Which Of The Following Is An Example Of A Threat Actor?

In information security, which of the following is an example of a threat actor?

But first, let us define what a threat factor is.

Threat Actor

A threat actor is like an enemy for information security. It can be a person or a group. Also, it can be an entity.

These threat actors can cause damage to an organization’s security. In fact, it’s been reported that by 2021, there is an increase in cybercrime damages. 

Then, in information security, which of the following is an example of a threat actor?

Cyber Terrorists

Cyber terrorism became a global problem. They usually interrupt important services. And they cause harm to them.

Moreover, their targets usually include:

  • businesses
  • state machinery
  • services like energy and transportation

Government-Sponsored Attackers

Sometimes, the government funds or directs a threat actor. They will steal intellectual property.

Also, they steal private data from other countries. Or even spy on them.

Their targets usually include:

  • business
  • government organizations


There is a crime wherever we go. On the Internet, there are also criminals. These criminals steal sensitive information. They also steal money from victims.

Additionally, they can come from ransomware. Most of the time, they are not posted on the black market. They extort money from the business directly.


Hacktivists shame an organization’s website. They may also leak a website’s data. And also share evil secrets of that organization.

They usually do this to send a message or gain visibility. Sometimes, they wanted to expose the truth.

Their targets are not limited to organizations. Some also target churches or companies.

Script Kiddies

Script Kiddies use tools from other attackers. They are not skilled enough to design their tools. That is why they are called Kiddies.

Also, they enter a network or computer system. Their goal is to attack them. 

Their targets are usually the systems that are easy to penetrate. Threats will easily attack these systems.


Sometimes, the threat actors are just within an organization. It can be very harmful. They already have access to these files. So, they know the defenses of the company.

Their goal is to work within an organization. Then, when the time comes, they will access their cybersecurity.

Threat Actor Reasons

  1. Political, Economic, Technical, and Military. These are the common reasons for hacktivists and government-backed actors. The stolen data are not usually sold in the black market. They just want to access the secrets of these organizations.
  2. Money. Financial gain is one of the main reasons why cybercriminals hack. They do not usually think about the damage. They just want to steal data and demand ransom.
  3. Fame. Some threat actors hack to be famous in their field. Often, they only target those big organizations. It will make them famous.
  4. Revenge. Getting back is also a common reason. This is the usual reason for insider threat actors. They may be employees or ex-employees of their target. 
  5. Combination. They may want to get revenge on a political agenda.


We must know about the threat actors and their reasons. It will help us improve our cybersecurity. Also, when we experience a breach, we may know the possible suspects.

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