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Cyber Law, is one of the newest areas of the legal system. It’s any law applicable to the Internet and Internet-related technology.

What does cyber law mean?

Cyber law is any legal applicable to technology relating to the Internet. Cyber law is one of the legal system’s newest disciplines. This is due to the rapid development of internet technology. So, Cyber law provides legal safeguards for internet users. Hence, it covers companies and ordinary people. Further, to everybody who uses the Internet, knowing cyber law is paramount. Cyber law was also known as the ‘internet law.’

Cybersecurity and cyber crime

Cyber crime and cybersecurity are areas that are connected to cyber law. Hence, companies and consumers can defend themselves against cyber crime with the correct cybersecurity. In computers and networks, cybersecurity addresses flaws. The ISO 27001 standard for global cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity policy focuses on guiding anybody liable to cyber-crime. This applies to companies, people, and even the government. Thus, many governments are seeking solutions for cybersecurity and cyber-crime prevention. The primary aim of this regulation is to improve data transfer over the internet and to ensure it is safe.

Tasks to enhance

Another big task to enhance cyber security is information. For example, companies may boost cybersecurity by the use of the following practices:
(1) Provide staff with training programs. (2) Hire staff with cyber security certificates. (3) Learn new dangers to security.(4) Governments, property, and people can be subject to cyber crimes.

Cyber crime categories

Generally speaking, you need to know about three primary classes of cyber crimes.

Crimes Against People

While such crimes happen online, they damage people’s lives. Further, some crimes include cyber harassment and stalking, and child pornography dissemination. Besides, different forms of spoofing, credit card fraud, trafficking in human beings. And also, ID robbery and other online defamation.

Crimes Against Property

Many online property crimes, such a computer or a server, take place. This includes DDOS, hacking, transmissions of viruses, cyber and typo squatting. And also, infringement of copyright, and of IPR.

Crimes against government

It can perpetuate a cyber crime against the government. We then considered it an attack on the sovereignty of that nation and an act of war. So, government cyber crimes include hacking, secret access, cyber warfare, cyber terrorism, and pirated software.

Included in the IT Crimes are:

(1) Sec. 65, Computer Source Documentation Manipulation. (2) Hacking and Data Alteration Computer Systems Sec. 66. (3) Sec. 67, Obscene Information Publishing. (4) Sec. 70, Protected Systems Unauthorized Access. (5) Sec. 72, Confidentiality and Privacy infringements. (6) Sec. 73, Publishing Certificates of False Digital Signature.

The IPC includes special laws and cyber crime:

(1) Email Threat Messages, Indian Penal Code (IPC) sec. 503. (2) Sending Threat Messages Sec. 499 (3) Electronic forgery, Indian Penal Code (IPC) Sec. 463 (4) Bogus Websites & Cyber Fraud, (IPC) Sec. 420 (5) Indian Penal Code Sec. 463 Web-jacking, (6) Indian Penal Code (IPC) Sec. 383 Email Abuse, (7) Indian Penal Code (IPC) Sec. 500 Indian Criminal Code

The Special Acts for cyber crimes

(1) Online Arms Sale Act, 1959 Arms online (2) And also, On-line drug sales Act 1985 on narcotics and psychotropic drugs

Trends in cyber-law

Every year, cyber law is becoming more and more important. This is due to the rising number of cyber crimes. We have found recent trends in cyber legislation to combat these offenses.

The following tendencies are:
(1) Initially, new rules and stricter ones. (2) So, strengthen existing legislation. (3) Then, improved privacy awareness. (4) Cloud computing. (5) How vulnerable to crime might be a virtual currency. (6) Finally, the use of analyzes of data.
So, governments and cyber law authorities will focus on raising awareness about these risks.

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