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Land Jobs In Cybersecurity Without Degree

Cybersecurity is currently one of the booming industries. Is it really possible to land a job in cybersecurity without degree? The answer is yes!

The COVID-19 pandemic affected many careers and caused massive unemployment. However, it seems like that is not the case for cybersecurity professionals. In fact, it’s expected that they will gain steady positions as our reliance on technology has increased more than ever. 

Indeed, you must strongly consider the cybersecurity field if you’re looking forward to getting a truly rewarding and stable job. As mentioned, you can certainly start a career in cybersecurity without degree. However, you’ll need a lot of determination and training to start your career. 

Realize that Your Chances to Get into the Field Are Real

Whatever your reason is for not getting a degree, acknowledge that you have a chance to land a job in the field. Many successful specialists don’t have a degree. 

Moreover, every employer is free to choose their best candidates as cybersecurity isn’t regulated by strict measures unlike the medicine industry, for instance. 

Find the Job You Can Target

Landing a job in the field mostly depends on your technical hard skills. It’s quite easier to land one if you come from an IT background. Some of those jobs are:

  • Security engineer
  • Virus technician
  • Penetration tester

Meanwhile, there are also cybersecurity jobs available if you don’t possess any technical skills. A few examples of such jobs are:

  • Technical writer
  • Cyber policy analyst
  • Network administrator

It’s great to check IT companies in your area and find out what they have to offer. 

Define Prospects for Your Future Development

Take note that you cannot get to top positions in cybersecurity right away. You’ve got to start from an entry-level job. Such jobs will give you invaluable experience that you’ll need in climbing the ranks. 

Furthermore, entry-level jobs are a great way to assess yourself if you’re really interested in the field. Additionally, the field requires continuous and deep learning such as theory and practical skills. Read on to see the several options available for studying for a career in the field. 

Start as an Intern or Join the Military

There are several colleges that offer decent IT degrees for a reasonable price. It’s a great move to enroll on those if your circumstances allow you. If doing so is still not possible, consider an internship at the company you’re interested in.

This means working with not very important duties with a minimal salary. However, companies often hire full-time employees from their pool of interns especially if the intern’s performance is great. That is even without sufficient college education. 

Serving in the military is another ticket to cybersecurity jobs. Afterward, you can easily move back to civil life and request a job at a tech company. 

Whatever option you choose, learning technical skills is a must if you want to advance your career. 

Get Ready for Cybersecurity Certification

Having certifications such as Network+ or Security+ is a huge plus. You’ll find tons of online courses that offer certifications. Online education is a good alternative to enrolling in a college technical program.

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