information security threats

The Information Security Threat

Are you familiar with information security threat? Have you ever wonder what will they do to your computers? This article will help you become familiar with the information security threat.

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But first, what is information security threats?

Information Security threats refer to software attacks. It also refers to the theft of intellectual property, identity, equipment. Also, information wreck and sabotage.


It can be anything that can take advantage of weakness to crack the security. It harms and deletes objects of interest. 

Software Attacks

It is the attack by Worms, Trojan Horses, Viruses, etc. Some people believe that malware, worms, and viruses are all the same.

But the reality is they are not. They just similar in a way that they are all malicious. And they behave differently.


This is a combination of two terms. Malicious and Software. 

Basically, Malware means malicious software. This can be an unwanted program code. Or this can be anything that is made to perform malicious operations on the system.

Here are the two categories of Malware:

  • Malware Actions
  • Infection Methods

The following are the basis of the infection method:


This malware is aware of the network. It is easy for them to jump from one computer to another. 

They will not do so much harm. They will just consume hard disk space. That is slowing down the computer.


They can be able to duplicate themselves. How? They hook to the program on your computer. Such as the saved songs and videos. And from then, they travel around the internet.


This is an advanced form of worms. They can interact over the internet on their own. Without the need for human intervention.

The thing is bots can either be good or bad. The malicious is capable of infecting one host. After that, they will build a connection to the central server.

In such a way, the central server will be the one providing commands. Where? Of course, to all infected hosts attached.


They hide inside the software that seems legitimate. And when that software will execute they will already do their task. And that is to steal information.

The following are the basis of actions: 


This is a type of malware that will hide your files or will lock your computer. Making it partially or wholly not accessible. 

After that, It will display on the screen that it will ask for money. It is like ransom in exchange.


It will fool you that it can help you fix your system. But it will infect or destroy your system once it will execute.

The software will display a message to scare you. It will force you to take some action. Just like to pay them to fix your system.


This is created to gain roots and privileges in the user system. When the root access is finally gained. They can do whatever they want to steal private files.


They are the ones waiting for the command from the hackers. Spying is not their job.

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