what cybersecurity do

What Cybersecurity Do

What cybersecurity do? In this article, we will discuss more information in this title. Read this article so you can have knowledge of this study.

What Does Cybersecurity Do?

The process of defending against cyber threats and minimizing the damage they can do. Also, cybersecurity is a branch of computer science that deals with defending against cyber threats and minimizing the damage they can do to networks and systems.

Cybersecurity is the practice of defending computer systems from attack, damage, or unauthorized access. Also, cybersecurity can be proactive or reactive. 

Proactive cybersecurity seeks to detect and stop any attempts at unauthorized access. Reactive cybersecurity refers to countermeasures that are after an attack has occurred to restore the system to its original state.

There are two types of attacks on a network: external and internal. External attacks are those that come from outside the network, such as hackers trying to gain access to the system. 

Internal attacks are those that come from a person who has already access. Also, it is to a computer system, such as a disgruntled employee stealing information from the employer. 


A firewall is one way to protect against external attacks. Also, a firewall works by blocking all communication between two different networks. 

If a company has a private network and a public network, a firewall can be set up to keep the two networks separate from each other. Another way to protect against external attacks is through encryption. 

Encryption is a method to scramble data so that it cannot be by anyone who is not authorized. Encryption can be to protect data on paper and a computer. 

If sensitive information is on a computer, it can be the encryption key can be in a separate location. 

Risk Management

To develop a good strategy to protect against external attacks, one must be able to identify and assess the risks involved. First, one must not be read by anyone without the proper key to decode the data. 

Encryption is an effective way to protect against external attackers because it makes it much more difficult for them to access or modify any data. Another way to protect against external attacks is through intrusion detection. 

Intrusion detection involves monitoring the network for suspicious activity to determine whether or not an attack is in progress. If there is suspicious activity, it will be flagged and the appropriate authorities will be notified. 

It is important to let employees know what they can and cannot do while they are using company equipment, as well as how they can help protect the company’s network. 

For example, if an employee leaves the company, he or she should have the encryption key cleared. It is from his or her computer so that no one else can access any sensitive information.


Cybersecurity is not an exact science. Many different factors play into the success or failure of an attempt to protect a network. One of the main drawbacks of cybersecurity is that it can never be that a system will be completely secure. 

A firewall can keep most intruders out, but it can never be guaranteed to stop everyone who wants to get in. Also, encryption can slow down an attacker who does get in, but it cannot stop an attack completely. 


In conclusion, cybersecurity is a very important part of computer science because it helps to protect the systems and networks that we use daily. 

Many possible attacks can be against a network, and it is the responsibility of the owners of the network to find a way to protect it. 

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