Where Is Cybersecurity Going

Where Is Cybersecurity Going?

Today, we now rely on digital technology and the cyber world more than ever. Because of this, many ask where is cybersecurity going.

What will the future hold for cybersecurity as we become more modern? New techs are rising. Of course, new threats will follow.

So, what can we expect? Keep on reading to know more.

Where Is Cybersecurity Going?

AI Becoming a Key Player

Over the last couple of years, artificial intelligence (AI) crept into more sectors. Today, we can see a lot of AI-driven techs. Especially with machine learning.

That is why it is no wonder that AI is also becoming a key player in cybersecurity. Companies can use this to develop stronger and faster security.

But of course, this can be a double-edged sword. So, hackers may use it to make smarter malware and more. So, experts see that many cybersecurity developers will ramp up their efforts in using AI.

Hackers Will Rise

As per one study, computer hacks are now a common thing. In fact, it occurs every 39 seconds on average. And that will only rise over the years.

Especially today that there is a need for the work from home set up. So, workers are away from their office that has a more secure network.

Meaning, people are more vulnerable to attacks. As a result, hackers now have more prime targets.

More Need for Cybersecurity Experts

As said, hacks are getting more rampant. Also, other forms of cyberattacks are growing. And this trend is always on the rise.

As a result, more companies are looking for cybersecurity experts. The problem is, it is hard to find one. Why? Because there exists a shortage of cybersecurity workers.

As per one study, in 2022, it is expected that the gap between workers and open positions will rise. It will reach about two million jobs unfilled. 

Cyberwarfare Threats Will Rise

Since the last decade, there has been a rise in state-run cyberwarfare. Countries are sending worms or attempting to hack other countries.

That is why many believe that this kind of attack will be more common. Especially for smaller countries. Since they have little to no means of attacking using traditional ways.

So, countries will need to be more prepared. Thus, there is a need to secure their networks even more.

Legacy Tech Will Still Be an Issue

Yes, we are now living in a highly digital world. But even so, legacy tech is still rampant. For one, many manufacturers do not find the need in releasing security patches for out-of-date systems.

Also, companies are still relying on these techs even if that is the case. Because they are thinking they can save money. As a result, they become exposed to more cyber risks. 

Further, people are satisfied with their current techs. But when today’s tech becomes tomorrow’s legacy, many will not want to upgrade. And that will be a problem.

The Future of Cybersecurity

So, that is where cybersecurity is going based on today’s scene. What do you think? Are there other trends you think will rise?

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