Who Needs Cybersecurity

Who Needs Cybersecurity Training The Most?

Yes, every industry needs to have cybersecurity training. But some need it more than others. So, who needs cybersecurity training the most?

These industries will need to up their security. Because new threats are rising fast. That is why employees will also need to have a security mindset.

So, read on to know more and see if you belong in one of these industries.

Who Needs Cybersecurity Training The Most?


The construction sector is not the most high-tech out there. So, they are not the most vulnerable to cyberattacks. But today, they are now seeing the rise of usage in new techs.

Thus, disrupting how they operate. Techs like IoT and remote communication with clients and partners alike are rising.

So, workers will need to be more aware of how to use these. And on what are the best practices they need to follow. After all, human error is still the number one cause of cyberattacks.


True, health is wealth. But so is cybersecurity in healthcare. Why? Because they are now using techs like electronic health records (EHRs). Thus, making them a prime target for hackers.

How so? Because oftentimes, healthcare professionals (HCPs) do not have a strong cybersecurity background. Yes, they may know how to use EHRs.

But they may not know the best practices in using them. Thus, they must be trained in cybersecurity. Doing so will help HCPs know what to do to keep sensitive records safe.


Of course, the finance sector will not miss this list. Why? Because they are the number one target of most cybercriminals.

This is because most hacks are financially-driven. Meaning, most hackers are out there to make money. So, workers need to be more aware of their ways.

Thus, cybersecurity training is a must. Because most workers do not have strong technical skills. And their client’s data and money depend on them.


Next up is the manufacturing sector. Why? Because over the years, it is being disrupted by new things. Thus, the rise of Industry 4.0.

But this made the sector more prone to attacks. This is due to the rise in usage of IoT, robotics, and more. That is why there being attacked by malware or ransomware.

Thus, aside from making their networks more secure, they also need to focus on the people factor. They are the first line of defense against these attacks.


Last one, retail. They one of the first sectors to adapt to new techs. Like the rise of e-commerce, the use of mobile payments, and more.

Thus, cyberattacks are getting more common. And like the financial sector, they also hold valuable customer details. Like credit card numbers and more.

So, training employees becomes more crucial. Doing so will help protect both their companies and customers. Of course, their workers’ details are also at stake.

Do You Need Cybersecurity Training?

Yes, everyone needs cybersecurity training. But are you working in a sector that needs it the most? What are you doing to make this happen?

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