why information security is important

Why Information Security Is Important: Do You Really Need It? This Will Help You Decide!

Many people still don’t know why information security is important. Well, do you really need it? This article will help you find out!

Information Security (InfoSec) for Dummies

Now, companies rely on customer data more than ever. In fact, they do this to do their basic operations or services.

So, they need to give assurance that they are keeping that data safe. And this is where information security comes in.

Information Security is something that we all interact with. But, some may still not know how it works.

Technically, it maintains the CIA of information, which means:

  • confidentiality – keeping information private
  • integrity – keeping information correct and complete
  • availability – keeping the information accessible

So, your data is safe. Especially from hackers and other bad actors. Then, it will only be available to your and your users.

As mentioned, infosec is something that we are already doing. Just like how we change our passwords regularly.

Whether you work at a startup or a large company, you should know really well about this.

But, is it really that important?

Why Is Information Security So Much Important?

As Richard Clarke says, “If you spend more on coffee than on IT security, you will be hacked. What’s more, you deserve to be hacked.”

Many managers believe that they are already safe. And that their information is completely secure and free from any threats. 

But, that’s a big mistake. Why?

It’s not impossible for someone to break into your data. That’s just the ugly truth.

Small companies thought that information security is just a thing for bigger companies. And yet cyberattackers prefer to attack the former. All because of their complacency.

So, no one is exempted from information security. In fact, we need it now more than ever.

Despite the crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic, attacks are also increasing. Even big names such as Marriot, Capital One, and Twitter were hit.

MGM Resorts also suffered a massive data breach. Unfortunately, it resulted in the leak of 142 million personal details of hotel guests.

Before you know it, you may already be at risk, too. So, you have to be careful with your information.

But if you have strong information security, you’ll be aware of what you need to do.

Advantages of Information Security

As we know, infosec vulnerabilities can bring devastating results. Against these, here are the advantages of applying it:

Allows Employees to Work Safely

The best practices lead to the best results, too. With information security, employees will be safe from attacks.

So, they can also be more productive at work. Viruses can slow down computers. But with a secured system, they won’t waste time.

Knowing more about information security also helps them be more equipped.

Stop Your Website from Going Down

If systems are infected, your website can be forced to shut down. So, you will lose money.

You can also even lose your customers’ trust. But with infosec, you can stop this from happening.

A Consolidated Solution

The best kinds of IT security is a comprehensive solution. So, you can protect yourself from many issues.

It can also give your IT team features and support. Thus, they can fight against even the most determined criminal.

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