why is information security important

Why Is Information Security Important?

What is information security? Why is information security important?

It keeps private information protected from any illegal activities. The information could be either physical or digital.

As we know, many people and businesses rely completely on technology these days.

Hence, people see goals to have information security as more serious now.

Basic Principles of Information Security

There are three basic principles for information security. They are confidentiality, integrity, and availability. Further, it is known as the CIA triad.


It is to make sure that only legal users can get private information.

You need to know the illegal user who is trying to get the data. Also, blocking their attempts will ensure security.

As a result, many people use passwords to fight cyber attacks.


Its job is to protect the information from any changes in it. Also, it assures that information remains constant and right.

Some use data codes to secure the information in action or at rest. These codes replace the information that you can see in the files. It uses codes that are hard to read. As well, it will need a decoding key to read those codes.


It will keep the information open all the time to legal users. This means that systems and applications should run and work very well.

Sometimes, system errors, disasters, blackouts, and human mistakes can happen.

Thus, some make backups to make sure of availability.

Importance of Information Security

People depend on technology for their happiness, health, and personal lives.  

On the other hand, businesses also use technology from their plans to their finances. They record all of this data on technology.

Then, think about it!

You are trying to save money in your bank. Further, your bank does not care about information security. That means other people can open your credit or debit card. And worse, the money you saved could be a loss!

How much more for a bigger business? Many people will get affected by this.

So, here are some reasons why we need information security.

This growth affects many people and businesses day by day. It will put you and your business at risk. 

  • The lack of information security will cause harm to a business. 

It will show private things. Also, it will affect plans. And, it will cause and give you a bad image.

Thus, information security will protect the potential of a business to work. It will fight any attacks that could harm a person or a business.

  • It can cause bankruptcy.

Money is everything to people nowadays. With this, criminals will always do their best to steal information. Keep your guards open!


The most important asset of a person and business is information. So, we can say that information security is one of our basic needs in life. 

With this, we need to be more aware of what we have. We should expect that danger could happen if the wrong hands will get our information. And, we should know what we need to do to protect it.

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