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Learn Cyber Security On Your Own – How?

There are many reasons why some are unable to learn cyber security in a formal, classroom setting. This article outlines how to self-study cybersecurity. 

As mentioned, there are some people that want to learn cyber security but are in a tough spot. For instance, they don’t have the money or time to take formal college classes. Another reason is their demanding or ever-changing work schedules. Some don’t have transportation. 

Whatever your reason is, don’t let it stop you from learning cybersecurity. There are various ways to self-study cybersecurity. However, take note that if you’re serious, it will take around three years to fully learn cybersecurity. Additionally, you’ll need consistency and discipline. 

Understand The Limitations 

Before getting any further, keep in mind that you’ll face various limitations in self-studying cybersecurity.

Limited access to equipment 

Colleges invest huge amounts of money on equipment for their students. Learning from home means you’re probably going to have limited access to equipment and technology. Yet, this doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to learn. It is just a factor you’ll need to workaround. 

No mentorship from an instructor 

From the words themselves, self-study means you are on your own. You won’t have easy access to professional and knowledgeable instructors. Furthermore, seeking answers to your questions is harder due to harder access to mentors.

You have to find your own curriculum.

College programs and courses are organized and well-structured. Meanwhile, you’ll need to figure out what you need to learn and in what order. 

How To Get Started 

The last limitation mentioned above is a critical thing you must take note of. You must determine what you want to learn and in what order. This is a phase you must not skip. Planning your study will make you more organize and more efficient with your time. 

Determine what you want to learn.  

Cybersecurity is very broad with lots of specialties. Moreover, it constantly changes and evolves since it is a technological field. Thus, the first step before starting your self-study is to choose the aspect you want to focus on – the one you’re interested in. 

Some of the domains you can choose from are:

The key in this step is research. Research the meaning of these jobs and their responsibilities. Furthermore, if possible, talk to people with such jobs to learn more.

Find quality resources.

This doesn’t mean that you have to break the bank. You’ll find free or low-cost resources online. Some of those learning systems are Cybrary and Pluralsight. Additionally, Udemy has numerous cybersecurity courses. Moreover, check your local library for available books you can use. 

However, ensure that any content you choose is no more than three years old. Furthermore, YouTube doesn’t monitor the quality and accuracy of educational content so it’s best to steer away from it. 

Determine what to learn first.  

Some topics require a good bit of background to grasp. Find materials that are on your level. It’s impossible to learn it all overnight so efficient planning is a must if you want to succeed. 

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