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Top Cybersecurity Software For 2021

Everything seems to be driven by technology in this digital era. This results in an increasing need for cybersecurity software tools. 

The COVID-19 pandemic made our reliance on technology greater than ever. Hence, this gave hackers more open doors for stealing our data. They use various tactics such as malware and socially engineered attacks to compromise your systems.

Furthermore, security threats grow both in number and complexity. Such threats may cause catastrophic results to your enterprise. Fortunately, there are cybersecurity software tools to help us mitigate risks. 

There are just tons of cybersecurity software tools to choose from. Overwhelmed by the number of your options? This article narrows down the best cybersecurity software tools for 2021 to make your choice process easier.


VIPRE enables you to easily protect your business and home network security. It also protects you from spam messages and malware. Moreover, VIPRE ensures that you stay updated against new threats to stay safe constantly. 

It allows users to block malicious websites. VIPRE can also clean your browsing and search history. Additionally, it gives you the option to permanently remove a trace of files.

VIPRE also provides protection against incoming and outgoing traffic. This tool also enables users to perform a quick scan. 


NXTsoft allows users to integrate, move, or convert data with no hassle. This tool is easy to use whether you’re using computers or mobile phones thanks to its mobile-friendly interface. Another great feature of this tool is it provides analytics to maximize the profit of the business. 

NXTsoft offers secure and open APIs. Additionally, it comes with detailed audit reporting. Businesses can use this tool to increase their ROI. Furthermore, it supports scanning external devices. NXTsoft also provides employee risk level scorecards. 

Dataplan Cyber Control

This cybersecurity software tool specializes in fraud protection by covering more than 100 security points. It protects your business’ financial data and can monitor the transaction to fight fraud. Dataplan also gives users the ability to manage file access control. 

Additionally, it enables users to perform forensic analysis. Dataplan also comes with a data privacy risk reporting suit. It also presents an overview of system vulnerability. 


Comment spam, malicious attacks, and excessive bot crawling – CloudFlare protects you from all of those. Moreover, it blocks visitors with a suspicious number of request rates.

CloudFlare is an enterprise-class DDoS protection network. Its Rate Limiting feature protects user’s critical resources. Additionally, CloudFlare’s Orbit solves security issues for IoT devices.

Heimdal CORP

Looking for an instant vulnerability overview? Heimdal is a great option for that. It also protects users from data leakage, browser hijacking, and ransomware. Furthermore, Heimdal offers both advanced and manual reports. 


This cybersecurity software tool comes with extensive configuration options and custom alters. As result, users can tailor the features according to their specific needs. Aside from malware, OSSEC has the ability to detect rootkit

OSSEC also alerts you if it detects any unauthorized behavior and modification. This tool provides a real-time response to any threat that may arise. 

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